Points and Lines

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    • What are the Endpoints of a Line Segment?What are the Endpoints of a Line Segment?

    What are the Endpoints of a Line Segment?

    A math term can really tell you a lot about the thing it's describing. Take the term 'endpoints'. The endpoints of a line segment are just the 'points' located at the 'ends' of the line segment! That's an informative name! Watch this tutorial to learn about endpoints of a line segment.

    • What are Intersecting Lines?What are Intersecting Lines?

    What are Intersecting Lines?

    When two roads cross, it's called an intersection! What about if two lines cross? Is that called an intersection too? This tutorial has the answer!

    • What is a Point?What is a Point?

    What is a Point?

    A point is a fundamental building block of math. Without points, you couldn't make lines, planes, angles, or polygons. That also means that graphing would be impossible. Needless to say, learning about points is very important! That makes this tutorial a must see!

    • What is a Line Segment?What is a Line Segment?

    What is a Line Segment?

    A math term can really tell you a lot about the thing it's describing. Take the term line segment. A line segment is just part of a line! In this tutorial, learn about line segments, how to name them, and what the midpoint of a line segment is!

    • What is a Ray?What is a Ray?

    What is a Ray?

    Rays are a very useful part of math. Two rays can create an angle. Multiple angles can create a polygon. Add another dimension, and you get three-dimensional solids! This tutorial introduces you to rays and shows you how to name them.

    • What are Parallel Lines?What are Parallel Lines?

    What are Parallel Lines?

    Lines that are parallel have a very special quality. Without this quality, these lines are not parallel. In this tutorial, take a look at parallel lines and see how they are different from any other kind of lines!

    • What are Perpendicular Lines?What are Perpendicular Lines?

    What are Perpendicular Lines?

    Perpendicular lines have a special property. The angles formed by perpendicular lines will always be the same. Check out this tutorial to learn about perpendicular lines and see a cool trick involving these special lines!

    • What are Skew Lines?What are Skew Lines?

    What are Skew Lines?

    Ever heard of skew lines? They're pretty cool! Take a look at this tutorial and you'll be introduced to skew lines.