Dividing Fractions

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    • What are Multiplicative Inverses?What are Multiplicative Inverses?

    What are Multiplicative Inverses?

    Multiplicative inverses. That's a mouthful! Really, this term just refers to numbers that when multiplied together equal 1. These numbers are also called reciprocals of each other! Learn about multiplicative inverses by watching this tutorial.

    • What's a Reciprocal?What's a Reciprocal?

    What's a Reciprocal?

    Reciprocals are important when it comes to dividing fractions, finding perpendicular lines, dealing with inverse proportions, and so much more! In this tutorial you can review the basics about reciprocals.

    • What Does It Mean to Divide Fractions?What Does It Mean to Divide Fractions?

    What Does It Mean to Divide Fractions?

    This tutorial gives an in-depth look at dividing fractions by showing you what it really means to divide them.

    • How Do You Divide Fractions?How Do You Divide Fractions?

    How Do You Divide Fractions?

    Dividing fractions? Change that division to a multiplication by multiplying the dividend by the reciprocal of the divisor. Learn all about it by watching this tutorial!